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Hansa Forever!

As some of you might know, my girlfriends’s family is involved in the F.C. Hansa Rostock football club, therefore, while visiting her family this weekend, I did get the chance to go to the DKB Arena to watch the Hansa – Duisburg Game of tonight counting for the 2.Bundesliga…

I don’t know how, but unlike P.S.G. (whenever I was in VIP area, those idiots were loosing!!!), ┬áit’s the second time that I see Hansa winning by a decent goal difference (3-1 this time and 5-1 last time) and I got to say that despite the poor attendance (10,5k of the 30k seats available) it’s alvays a good experience to see Hansa winning and their fans shouting and screaming like it was a world cup final!

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